Small Business Strategies: The Power of Networking


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Photography Business Institute

From time to time it happens to all of us. Business gets slow. We panic a little. We start to doubt ourselves.

You start to think maybe I’m not a good business owner. Maybe I’m not cut out for this. Maybe my prices are too high.

You start spinning in doubt, paralyzing you from making any decisions on your business. Here’s the fastest way to break out of that. Get up and walk out the door. Yep. You heard me. Get out there.

Just this weekend I attended a 3 day conference of amazing women and equally smart male entrepreneurs. Upon returning, I have 40 new facebook friends (in just 3 days). These are all people I had a personal conversation with (yes that’s a criteria of mine when accepting new friends) who are interested in what we do at Photography Business InstituteThey want to connect. They want to share what their passions with me and help me spread the word about mine.

Frankly I can’t believe how many people were so open to connecting and sharing. And they will be for you, too.

There are groups of supportive entrepreneurship networks out there. Nearly every city has a networking group, a Chamber of Commerce, etc. While you may be thinking these aren’t my people, how do you know?

In the group I was in, 75% had invested $5,000 or more in themselves and their business in the last year. What do you do to help other small business owners invest in themselves? Provide professional head shots, websites, marketing materials, insurance, real estate, remodeling services, etc?

And while you may find that the majority of people that you meet may not be people who become your clients, remember that it only takes one new client from the sea of many new faces to ignite a fire of new clients in a group you hadn’t reached yet with your message.

I challenge you to get out there.

If not once a week, then twice a month. Schedule it on your calendar. Like my mentor says, be willing to get a little naked and put yourself in a position to meet new people.

Successful business people always say they met someone at the right time. Yet how can you meet new people if you’re doing the same thing day in and day out, or worse yet, hiding behind your computer waiting for your phone to ring?

I just shared a few of my networking tips. Tell me your small business strategies!

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