Sell Top Down to Increase Your Sales with Kevin Kubota


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Today we asked Kevin Kubota, one of the top 25 wedding photographers in the world, and entrepreneur extraordinaire (this guy owners 3 different businesses!), to share how he gets people to invest more on wedding packages in his studio.

Kevin says it can be as easy as selling from the top down. By starting with your most expensive, pie in the sky package and working your way down to your less expensive packages, it makes your other packages seem more affordable.

We’ve all experienced this strategy when we shop. We enter a store with a price point in mind for what we want to invest. As the salesperson shares with us their offerings, they start with a higher priced, top of the line item that they know they likely aren’t going to sell.

For example, if you’re car shopping the salesman will have you test drive the fully loaded, decked out car with heated seats, custom leather interior, special rims, four wheel drive, satellite radio, etc. You can always work your way down and remove the special options from there, but the salesperson knows if he establishes a higher price point in your mind, what you end up with when you walk out won’t seem as expensive as the fully loaded model!

Hear how Kevin uses this strategy and many others  on today’s 101010 SalesSummit replay at 12 pm CST. For a sneak peek, check this out: Selling top down



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