Small Business Strategies: How to Incorpotate Video Inexpensively Into Your Small Business Website

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Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute
You don’t need a fancy video camera to get the benefits from adding online video to your small business website. Today’s expert, Rich Wolfson of 2BU Professional Studios, shares a few ideas for adding video to your website when you don’t have a budget for video production.

Imagine how powerful it would be for someone who is searching for a photographer, accountant, spa or cosmetic dentist to not only see an image of you, but experience you on video. In this video, you’re talking about something you are passionate about and your personality shines through. Not only do you shorten the sales cycle (they already know they like you after watching you on video), you establish credibility and a connection with the potential client, differentiate yourself from your competition and also get a more qualified lead when they contact you.

In small business, you are the brand, so video lets potential clients experience the brand immediately through online video. Not to mention, studies have shown websites with online video are 53x more likely to be on the first page of a google search when they have an online video on your website. In this short audio interview, Rich shares the types of videos people like to watch, how long your videos should be, and how to pick a topic. He’ll also unveil whether a lower quality video will help your boutique brand more than it hurts it. Tune in and let us know how you’re using online video on your website.

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