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Believe it or not, the greatest return on investment for your marketing dollars in small business is email marketing (according to the Direct Marketing Association). In your small business, you’ll spend less and get more sales as a result of using this form of marketing – IF you use it effectively!

But how do you even begin to use email marketing the right way? We’re all inundated with emails and choose to delete many of them without even opening! So why should you spend time developing an email marketing campaign for your business?

Yesterday I interviewed DJ Waldow, the Director of Community at Blue Sky Factory, an email marketing service provider. DJ was a featured speaker at the OMS Dallas event where I went to learn more about search engine optimization and online marketing.

Despite one major downfall (he’s a HUGE Michigan fan), DJ an expert at creating effective email marketing campaigns for small businesses. Listen here for his take on the most important aspects of a solid email marketing campaign.

By the way, DJ and I had so much fun yesterday we decided we’d do this again later this week and answer YOUR questions about email marketing. So post below your question about email marketing on the blog and we’ll do our best to answer you on Friday!

More about DJ:

DJ Waldow is the director of community at Blue Sky Factory, a leading email service provider. As an email marketing veteran with over five years of industry experience, DJ helps marketers develop and execute their email and social media campaigns. DJ can be found speaking at industry events, including Internet Retailer, the Email Evolution Conference and the Online Marketing Summit, and writing for popular online publications, such as MediaPost’s Email Insider and MarketingProfs. Twitter: @djwaldow  Blog:

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