Profitable Marketing Strategy: Strive to Make Their Jaws Drop!


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

A friend recently shared a story with me that beautifully demonstrates how owners of very small businesses should strive to service their clients if they don’t want to compete on price. I had to pass it along!

Sydney, a 13 year old dog, has a standing appointment at a local groomer to get her hair and nails trimmed.

Recently, Sydney got really sick and was unable to eat or move. Her owner called the groomer to cancel the appointment and had to leave a message that Sydney couldn’t make her scheduled appointment due to illness.The groomer immediately returned the call and offered to make a house call! She brought her tools to the house and groomed Sydney at home! Can you imagine how hard it would be to ever take Sydney to another groomer now that she provided this level of service?

As business owners we’re busy. You may be thinking it would be impossible to ever offer that type of service to your clients. But here’s the reality. If you have 50 clients that you offer this type of service, or 500 clients that you offer minimal service, your business will likely gross the same revenues.

If you want to stop attracting the price sensitive buyers, go out of your way to do something that makes your clients’ lives easier. Offer them a level of service they can’t get elsewhere. This is a profitable marketing strategy that works!  You will experience the benefit of customer loyalty for years!

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