Small Business Strategies: Taking Your Business To The Next Level


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

We all have stories about how we found the entrepreneurship path. For some of us, it was in our blood from day one, growing up in households of small business owners so we knew it was just a matter of time for us. For others, our decision to become a small business owner was bred from a passion for something that we needed to share with others. Regardless of how we came upon small business ownership, we’re all at different stages. Some of us rely on our small business as a source of income to feed our families while others are just getting started and maybe aren’t charging enough for what we do.

For our Cafe Joy members this month, we are sharing author of The Entrepreneur Equation: Evaluating the Realities, Risks, and Rewards of Having Your Own Business and entrepreneurship expert, Carol Roth, who is sharing practical steps on how to take your business from a jobby – a hobby that is disguised as a job or business – to a bonafide business – one in which you can replace a full time income from another job you may currently have. How can you move along the spectrum to having a jobby to having a business that can sustain itself without you, even if it is just for a few days.

Here’s just a small taste of what our Cafe Joy members will learn this month. Carol teaches how to move yourself along the spectrum in 2011 from having a jobby to creating a bonafide business.

It all starts with knowing what you want out of your business.

Do you want to help more people?
Do you want to build something?
Do you want to create jobs and growth for the economy?
Do you want to be a savvy businesswoman or businessman?
Do you just want to enjoy doing what you’re doing?
Do you want a hobby or a creative outlet?
Identifying what you want out of your business is the first step of moving your business along the spectrum. Once you have identified what you want out of business, then you can turn that into a goal.

For example, if you said you wanted to build something in your business, turn that into a goal. Does that mean you want to double your revenue next year? Does it mean you work 10% fewer hours for the same pay and you want to achieve that in 6 months? This is where you get specific so you can come up with a plan for how you are going to get there.

Then you need to identify how you going to get there? What HELP do you need to achieve your goal. This is where you get creative. What resources are out there that you have never tapped into?

From a strategy that works – taking couple of steps backwards to make a giant leap forward – to learning how to say no to a check from a client who is willing to hand over payment, but just isn’t good for your goals and the growth of your business – this month’s Cafe Joy is packed with goodness to get your business on the right track to growth in 2011.

There’s still time to sign up for Cafe Joy so you can really dig in to Carol’s advice. It’s just $35 per month for the download only version or $59 per month if you want to receive a starter kit of marketing samples, a recipe tin and a cd each month of your Cafe Joy. Not only will you receive over an hour of Carol Roth teaching you how to create a bonafide business, but you also receive two recipes for success, access to our members only website with graphics, resources and more, but also coming soon, a special members only forum. Check it out before January 15 to get this month’s Cafe Joy in your mailbox!


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