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News Flash. 99 times out of 100 it doesn’t matter what your competitors are doing.  Your customers come to you because of YOU. So if you want to focus on something, focus on giving your loyal customers more of YOU. Not trying to be more like the competition. Putting your blinders on when it comes to your competitors is a tough small business challenge, but consider this:

Who cares if your competitor is having a sale? They may be bankrolled by a trust fund and aren’t interested in being profitable.

Who cares if your competitor is more talented than you are? It’s likely your customers think you’re the greatest there is. They don’t think someone else is better so why should you obsess over it?

Who cares if your competitor ran a Groupon? They just cheapened themselves as an artist and an expert. Sure they may see an increase in cash flow. But they likely won’t be able to service the clients as well as you would so your loyal followers will be back.

Who cares if your competitor is open on weekends and you aren’t? Remember, your clients buy YOU. So you can set some boundaries and rules if you do a good enough job creating an experience like no other.

Who cares if your competitor is running ads in a local magazine or on tv? Spend your marketing dollars doing more for your existing clients and doing higher-touch pieces with people in your target audience.

Focusing on your competition is the fastest way to kill your business. Instead focus on you. What you love, what your clients want, what makes your clients sing your praises. And make sure it’s something you can sustain.

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