Marketing Blog: How To Squeeze Out One More Idea


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Several months ago, marketing Guru, Seth Godin, linked to this marketing blog post that introduced a theory called N+1 and it hasn’t left my mind since. The theory states that there is always one more of anything. This has been a lifesaver with many sales and marketing activities in both of my businesses (Photography Business Institute and Sarah Petty Photography).

When my team and I finish any marketing activity at either company, we “N+1” it. This is where we regroup and try to flesh out any ideas that we may have missed. Is there anything that we didn’t communicate to our audience? Is there still a need out there that we haven’t filled?

If we missed a sales goal, how can we dig back in and create some sales from our clients who love us? Instead of running out and trying to attract new clients and engaging in more and more marketing activities, we try to squeeze every opportunity out of the marketing investments we have already made. When we are stuck, we brainstorm to look at the issue a different way. Could we create a new product for our current clients, follow up with anyone, mail something extra, give a bounce back, etc?

There is always another way. The challenge is to find it.

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