Small Business Strategies: Don’t Discount Add A Value-Added Incentive


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

For our first Small Business Marketing Ideas Podcast, Sarah and I discuss one of our favorite topics, Discounting!

When you discount, you devalue your brand, teach your best clients to wait for a sale, and attract the wrong type of buyers – those who are price-sensitive. You set yourself up for problems that stick around far longer than the period you have discounted your products or services. In other words, a one day sale, can have much longer lasting effects on your brand than just the sale day.

On our podcast, we talk about 3 alternative ideas for your small business to add value to your products and services so you don’t have to discount.

Tune in to learn how to:

1) Use value-added incentives

2) Create a product or experience that renders price LESS of an objection

3) Give more of YOU!

Listen to the Small Business Marketing Ideas Podcast and check out the Podcast Transcripts now.

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