To succeed in sales, there must be trust.


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute
If you don’t trust someone, she can’t sell you something. I answered a telemarketing call one evening, which I never do, and for some reason, I felt like chatting. I let the woman on the other end of the phone head into her pitch. I was immediately turned off because the gal on the other end prounounced the “s” on the state where I live, Illinois. Obviously, she was not from Illinois and mispronouncing the state would keep her from making most sales to people in Illinois. The problem for her was that the trust factor was immediately shattered. She is supposed to be an expert on her product yet she couldn’t even pronounce the state in which I live. It turned out that she was working for a politician in our state. Can you imagine hiring someone to help you sway voters and that person can’t even pronounce your state? No wonder people don’t trust politicians! I immediately focused on finding a way to end the conversation. Granted, it is much more difficult to establish trust when you are a telemarketer making cold call after cold call, but no matter what you are selling, it is detrimental to the sales process if you don’t establish trust before you ask for the sale.


Put yourself on the other end of the sales process. Can you answer every single question about your products and services? Are you an expert on the process? Do you know how to pronounce the key ingredients to each product that you sell? Being an expert at what you do and being able to clearly explain the important details is a first step in building trust with your clients and prospects.


If you are a photographer and want to learn more about establishing trust, building rapport and much, much more about the sales process, please tune in this Sunday for our 10 10 10 event! It is free from 10 am – 10 pm CST. The time you invest listening to this event will change the way you think about sales.


I would love to hear your thoughts, stories and ideas regarding how
trust has either solidified a sale for you or kept you from buying.

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