Top 5 Mommy and Me Poses

Mommy and Me Poses


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Photography Business Institute

The love between a mother and her child – there’s nothing like it. JOY radiates from every pore of new moms (even though they’re so tired – they GLOW!) And the way those innocent little eyes light up when they look at their favorite person – mommy – oh, I still remember how it filled my heart when I was a mom of little ones. Best, best feeling in the world. 

How can you capture all that magic? When it comes to Mommy and Me portrait sessions, pre-planning is key. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my FAVORITE Mommy and Me Poses. My clients love these, and plus, they’re easy to tweak for big or small sibling groups. 

These are the “OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THIS” poses that moms and grandparents practically fall over themselves to buy. Time and time again, these are the poses that are proven to sell and sell BIG.  

1. Tickle Baby’s Cheek With Your Nose

Tickle Baby's Cheek With Your Nose

Have mom lightly trace baby’s cheek or ear with their nose. Sometimes this is ticklish for baby and will get some great smiles.

2. Dance Party

Dance Party

Have mom stand behind baby and squat down, then grab baby’s hands and dance-it-out.

3. Eskimo Kisses

Eskimo Kisses

Have mom bring her nose to baby’s nose and lightly touch the tips together. Gently shake your head as if you are saying “no” back and forth a few times.

4. Tickle Session

Tickle Session

What baby doesn’t get a sweet grin when being tickled? Have mom wrap baby up and give a good tickle.

5. Pretend Your Faces Are Glued Together

Pretend Your Faces Are Glued Together

Have mom bring the side of her cheek to the side of baby’s cheek or have mom touch her temple to baby’s temple.

Mommy and Me sessions are some of my favorites because they’re so drenched in the pure love between a mother and her child. I get teary-eyed sometimes, and always leave the session with a big smile on my face. With these Mommy and Me poses, I guarantee you’ll end up with portraits your clients will be thrilled with and just HAVE to buy. They’re as irresistible as chubby baby cheeks!

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