Marketing Help: Top 5 Pricing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make


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One of the biggest struggles small business owners have is in setting their prices. We’re back with a new episode of The Small Business Marketing Ideas podcast where we’ll help you see if you’re leaving money on the table.

On this week’s episode, The Top 5 Pricing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make, Sarah and I dig in on these mistakes:

1) Under-pricing your products and services.

2) Attracting the wrong buyers.

3) Failing to differentiate your products and services from everyone else.

4) Not offering a premium option.

5) Pricing by textbook formulas and industry-norms.

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And if you haven’t mastered pricing yet, you may want to check out this month’s Cafe Joy, where Sarah goes even deeper with author Jason Marrs of The No B.S. Price Strategy. In just one hour, Jason and Sarah share several pricing strategies that can make your business profitable in just a few hours.

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