Top 5 Senior Portrait Posing Ideas

Nina Williams Portrait Posing Ideas


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From crayon drawings to term papers, and it’s finally all coming to fruition. Yes, I’m talking about high school graduation! Senior portrait season is just around the corner, and I want to help you honor students’ exciting accomplishment with senior portrait posing ideas that let their true personalities shine through! 

Even the most outgoing high school senior can get camera shy, so I’ve compiled the Top 5 Senior Portrait Posing Ideas here for you, so the passion and amazingness of these young adults shines through as they head off to conquer college and the world! Even the most shy students open up and get confident with these fun senior portrait posing ideas. And you’ll get great shots that everyone in the family will want to buy.

1. Sitting Down  

Nina Williams sitting down

Often times, I start my senior sessions with the senior sitting. It tends to be less awkward and helps him/her to get more comfortable in front of the camera.

2. Keep It Moving

Standing photos

Standing photos can feel awkward if you are just standing in one spot with no movement. I always encourage movement with my seniors. I recommend throwing a hand on a hip and even swaying back and forth sometimes.

3. Lean Forward And Laugh

Lean Forward And Laugh photo

One great pose is having your senior lean forward (hands on hips is optional) and doing a big fake laugh. Most of the time that fake laugh turns into a real one.

4. Excited About College

Excited About College photo

I always love doing a silly shot with their college shirt on. Have your senior put their t-shirt on and make a fun, excited, or silly face and point to the shirt.

5. Lean Back

Lean Back photo

For this pose, you can either use a wall or just have your senior lean further back than they would normally be when standing. I like to add their hands to the top of their head or crossed in front of their chest.

Senior portraits are so meaningful because they capture that last glimmer of childhood for parents, and the first steps of adulthood for their kids. The photos you take today will be shown in slideshows at their weddings, gazed at with wonder by their own grandchildren, and handed down through generations. Even people 100 years from now will be looking at your work! 

Get creative with your senior portrait poses and remember, this isn’t just a photo shoot. What you’re photographing today will become family heirlooms for the next generation! 

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