Try This Marketing Idea – Celebrating Anniversaries


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

This week I received an anniversary card in the mail. It wasn’t my wedding anniversary, though. Instead it was from the finance department of the company where I purchased my car one year (and one month) ago.

A nice gesture, but the card was a canned card sent out by the manufacturer. It had just a few personalized sections for my name and the date I purchased my car. The sentiment was nice, though.

What would have made this piece more powerful would have been if it had come from the salesperson that sold me my car. If she had reached out and sent a personalized note that said it’s been a year since I’ve seen you. I hope you’re enjoying that car as much as you had hoped. If you have any questions on any of the functionality, give me a call.

Here’s a marketing idea for your small business that should endear your clients to you. When your client comes in and purchases a special something for herself or for someone they love, make note of it. Then, a year later, send them a personalized anniversary card with an image of your business, your products or even you. You can send anniversary cards for weddings, of course, but also for the date a client opened their new business, the date a client moved into their new location, the date they found out they were pregnant and came into your store to buy their first little something for their soon to be born child, the date they were engaged, the date they found out they were cancer-free.

Anniversaries don’t have to be reserved for weddings. Get creative and think about how you can reach out to your customers on their special anniversary.

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