In What Ways can Photography Entrepreneurs Leverage the Holiday Season to Benefit their Business?

In What Ways can Photography Entrepreneurs Leverage the Holiday Season to Benefit their Business?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute
Many businesses see a boost in profitability during the holiday months when everyone is more keen to spend money. Can a photography business capitalize on the holiday season as well? In what ways? A few business-savvy individuals shared some ideas for photographers with us below.
In What Ways can Photography Entrepreneurs Leverage the Holiday Season to Benefit their Business?

Megan Wilson

Creative Director at Sweet Talk Strategy

Special Event Photography and Product Photography

    ● Special Event Photography. Nonprofits host galas, companies host holiday parties or activities, and brands host holiday sales events. We always want to maximize these unique in-person content creation opportunities. Key players are always involved and companies always put their best foot forward for these events. The photos and videos we create have a long-lasting impact. It’s a good bang for a business’s buck to invest in photos this time of year. I’d make that part of your pitch!

    ● Product Photography. It’s no surprise that brands need more photography for their holiday campaigns from product to service-based businesses. It’s an ideal time to offer a holiday branding package deal of some kind to maximize this industry need.

A 12 Days of Christmas Showcase

One innovative approach that we used for one of our wedding photographer clients was the creation of a 12 Days of Christmas showcase.

We basically curated a separate landing page (with a Christmas theme) featuring the best photos taken throughout the year. The idea is to connect emotionally with the audience, tapping into the nostalgia and joy that characterizes this time of the year.

To maximize reach, I recommend using targeted paid ads to direct potential clients to this landing page. Capturing leads through a newsletter sign-up on this page provides a long-term connection with potential clients.

The key to maintaining engagement over the 12 days of Christmas is strategic remarketing. By gently nudging visitors back to the page each day, photographers can create a sense of anticipation and excitement, mirroring the traditional “12 Days of Christmas.” This not only increases the visibility of their work but also reinforces brand recall.

The holiday season offers a unique opportunity to create a lasting impression, and with the right approach, photography entrepreneurs can turn this festive time into a period of thriving business activity.

In What Ways can Photography Entrepreneurs Leverage the Holiday Season to Benefit their Business?

Claire Jarrett

Jessica Powell

Founder of

People and Products

There are a few simple things photography professionals can do to leverage this time of year, depending on what type of photographer they are.

If their specialty is portrait photography, offering holiday-themed packages for families or individuals is a great way to do this. Not pricing specials, but actually snapping fun holiday-specific scenes. It’s also terrific to offer portrait gift certificates so people may purchase packages for their loved ones to give as gifts.

If they’re a non-portrait photographer, offering print-on-demand products that can be given as gifts is terrific. The overhead is minimal, if any, and products can range from photography collection books, calendars, posters, prints, etc. This is especially great if they have a decent following on social media or have an email list.

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