Evaluate the priorities in your photography business


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Yesterday, I took time away from my photography business to attend a fourth of July party, where I ran into my kids’ pediatrician. I thought I knew a lot of people but can you imagine being a physician, having a day off and spending it will all of your patients?


Of course, to be ornery, I had to share with her that my kids ONLY get sick either on Sundays or on her day off. It is like my kids can sense when she might take a day off and they become germ magnets. After I razzed her, I told her how proud I was of her for making her family a priority. She works a part time schedule in the summer so she can spend time at the pool with her kids – as she said once “while her kids still want her to.”  What are the priorities in your photography business?


Why is it that as a society, we feel that to be successful, we must work grueling hours at our family’s expense? I am sure our doc works hard every day, takes paperwork home and deals with lots of extra stress of running a practice – but she made the decision that in the summer, her kids are her priority.


Next time you think about missing an event at your kids’ school or missing some quality time with your family, remember that flexibility is a benefit of small business ownership.

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