Find Marketing Issues By Looking at Your Client’s Journey To You


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Do you understand the journey your clients took to find you? If not, you need to get clear on it to determine opportunities for marketing issues.

Was it a 2 minute Google search?

Did they visit Yelp?

Read your Google places page?

Dig into reviews?

Go through your galleries?

Find you on Facebook?

Did they hear about you from a friend first and then go to your website?

Or did they see an ad you placed in a magazine or on television?

Hear about you from a charity effort?

Get a direct mail piece from you in their mailbox?

If you really understand the journey your best clients took to find you, you can focus your marketing efforts on improving all of those touch points and put other
marketing efforts on the back burner. You’ll find with these marketing issues solved, the other pieces of your business’s marketing strategy can fall into place.

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