Small Business Strategies: How To Get The Right Tagline


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Writing a tagline for your small business is no easy task. Your tagline should tell the position of your company. It should tell what makes you different.

Because I am located in the middle of the country, when I fly, most flights are only a few hours. Recently, I was on a longer flight from Mexico. When I saw the signs for wifi on the plane, of course I had to try it simply because it was offered. When I saw the tagline, it made me jealous that it wasn’t mine. We know the saying, the sky’s the limit. What a fantastic play on words with the sky is no longer the limit. Here are some tips for writing your own tagline.

1. Turn on the faucet. When you first start to brainstorm, it is like turning on a faucet. The water starts out rusty and then as it runs, it becomes more clear. When you start, throw out all of the used and tired words that are associated with what you do. If you are a photographer for example, the phrase “capturing yesterday’s memories for tomorrow” has been used for decades.

2. Take your name off. If you use your tagline with other similar businesses, does it still work? If your tagline is so generic that it can work for every other business, it may not be the best for you. This is especially true if you are an online only business. When people are surfing the net, you have about 3 seconds to get their attention or they are moving on.

3. Get help from others. It is very hard to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and presto, write a tagline. If you ask your clients, your friends and your family what they think makes you different or why you are good at what you do, sometimes they can help you put your passion into words.

If you need help figuring out what makes you different, check out Jumpstart your Brand in 21 Days. This branding guide includes a 43 page workbook with audio guidance to help you get your arms around who you are and what makes you different. From your logo and identity to your tagline, you must have these critical decisions worked out before clients can fall in love with your brand.

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