What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

It has been one of my favorite purchases ever and it came from a vending machine in Vegas a few weeks ago. Halfway through my flight, my laptop battery was depleted. As I entered the terminal, there it was like a ray of sunshine. Not the bright noisy slot machines but a quiet, little vending machine filled with Apples (not the kind you eat). Beautiful Apple products. I-pods, gizmos and gadgets.

Have you ever left town without a power cord to your laptop or a phone charger to your phone? Well, in the Apple vending machine, I purchased a charger that works for my mac laptop and my iphone and it runs on AA batteries! So now in convention halls or on airplanes, where there isn’t access to power I can always have power. Imagine my excitement. Anyone out there who is a mac user, be sure to get this charger. It has made me so happy.

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