When Should you Start Marketing for Your Photography Mini-Session Event?

When Should you Start Marketing for Your Photography Mini-Session Event?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

When should you start marketing your photography mini-session event?

I see so many photographers, freaking out…

“I’ve gotta do Facebook. I have to put business cards or brochures at different places in town!”

Well here’s the thing, you want to start marketing three weeks out.

I teach my students what to do with their partners, with the media to promote it with publicity, to generate publicity. And who does what for those three weeks.

Now here is the thing that most people don’ t know and aren’t teaching…

There are things you can do 48 hours and 24 hours ahead of your mini-session if you aren’t booked.

But it’s because you have a three week plan in place. So don’t give up until the very end. People can make that buying decision the day before, you just have to get aggressive.

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