You are Competing with Coca-Cola and it’s Marketing Ideas!


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

As a small business owner, whether you like it or not, you are a small business competing with Coca-Cola and it’s marketing ideas! Check out this delightful Coke ornament-shaped bottle. We all have a special place in our heart for the old-fashioned, glass Coca-Cola bottle so how unexpected to stumble upon this squatty, round bottle in a giant display at Wal-Mart. By creating this unique promotional holiday bottle, Coca-Cola secured probably an inordinate amount of incremental prime shelf space at one of the largest retailers in the country AND created excitement (aka sales) by consumers. If you don’t have the budget of Coca-Cola (which most of us don’t), use your creativity instead of your budget to create an impression. Now ask yourself, what are you doing to surprise, excite and delight
YOUR customers? Cool products? Hip, seasonal packaging? Creative holiday
displays? I would love to hear your marketing ideas and stories!


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