Go Ahead and Enter Photography Business Competitions!


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Sure it feels great to be recognized by an objective party for doing what we do best in our photography business. But if you’re like me, it also feels kind of like I’m patting myself on the back to publicize these wins.

The thing is, we have to get past that feeling because there is SO much mileage you can get by marketing the awards you win. Here’s just a few ideas.

1) Call the client who was the subject of the winning image / marketing piece. Clients love to brag that their kids / family / wedding won you an award! If it was a winning marketing piece, make sure you give the client extra brochures to pass along to their friends and family.

2) Local chambers, newspapers, business journals and web sites love to hear how people in their community are succeeding. But here’s the trick. Don’t  submit a stodgy press release. Those are for realtors and insurance salesmen. Be more creative and get noticed! Use the award winning image to create a piece that WOWS the editor whose attention you’re trying to get. Whether it be by printing a small canvass or a small quantity of White House Custom Color (www.whcc.com) press-printed digital cards, your creativity will assure your news gets noticed.

And remember, even if you don’t win this time, you’ve just gotten a FREE critique of your work by an expert panel of judges. It’s not every day we get that. So go ahead, enter the next contest that comes your way.

P.S. A special shout out to Farrah Braniff Photographs for her recent AN-NE award wins. Farrah was a student of mine at Texas School and cleaned house. Way to go!

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