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Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Joyfriends, I promised when I brought on my new Chief Joy Officer that there would be big things coming. Well, we put our heads together and came up with what we think is the best way to give back to you! This year has been rough for a lot of us, so we’re excited to do some giving!

There will be an announcement Monday at 11am Central time and it’s going to be HUGE. I can’t wait to tell you. All I can say is to be sure to block September 28 & 29 off on your calendars! Have a great weekend!

Sarah & Erin

Why Networking with Other Businesses is a Must for Photographers

The business world loves the term networking. While it can be thrown around as a buzzword, when you break it down, it simply means making connections and building relationships. While networking is a part of many jobs, it is essential for professional photographers...

The Portrait Photographer’s Guide to Keeping Up With Trends

Who remembers the boom of selective coloring in the early 2000s? Everywhere you looked, you'd see black and white images but for a pop of red in the subject's shoes or a vivid, bright bouquet colored by hand with colored pencils. Trends come and go in all creative...