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Doesn’t it seem like the holidays come earlier each year? The Fourth of July decorations come down at the stores and the Halloween decorations go up! Because I run a small business (well two actually), I start to panic a little more each year that I might miss one of these fun holidays. So, each year, my kids and I start pulling out the decorations earlier and earlier. A month ago, I actually found myself going into Target looking for Halloween decorations before they were even up! Maybe this is also because we started designing Christmas cards in June this year. Our poor designer, who lives in the sunny state of Florida, was listening to holiday tunes in her flip flops this summer to get inspired enough to crank some really cool holiday cards. We have learned from many years in business that if we wait until the fall to start designing holiday cards, we get bottle-necked at the studio and that is when our quality life hits the fan. And don’t even think about SKIPPING holiday cards. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or simply the fact that the year is finally over, people love to receive this annual communication with you. Don’t you love opening these cards and finding photos of your friends’ kids who now have teeth, are missing teeth and are showing their shiny braces?

Photography small business owner friends, here are some photography marketing ideas that can help you survive the fall season and enjoy your life!

1. Pre-design your holiday cards or invest in high-quality templates that help you build your brand. The season is upon us and we need to make sure we aren’t up til midnight every night designing holiday cards and proofing them to death.

2. Offer these cards to your clients AFTER they place their portrait order. You don’t want to cannibalize your portrait sales. Because they are pre-designed, you can take a task that can be a nightmare and make it very turn-key. There shouldn’t be a need to have to proof these once the client sees them. If you have ever been on that proofing treadmill, you know what I am talking about!

3. Reach out to your clients who also run small businesses and help offer to create a dynamic card for them to mail to their clients. Once they do it once, their business will benefit and they will forever be a believer.

4. You don’t have to make these available to everyone. Watch this little video I made on how to sell holiday cards!

5. Enjoy this beautiful time of year with your family because you aren’t spending every waking hour designing and proofing holiday cards!

Happy Holidays:-)


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