Determine Quickly Whether a Client is a Good Fit for Your Business


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute
There is only so much time in our days as small business owners. Yet how do you know whether to spend it with a potential new client, a current client, prospecting through marketing activities, education, administrative tasks, etc?

In today’s 12 pm CST broadcast of the 10.10.10 SalesSummit you can learn from acclaimed wedding photographer and small business owner Jessica Claire how she determines, right when a client calls her for the first time, whether they are a good fit for her time.

Here’s a sneak peek of Jessica’s presentation. Listen now and let us know what you think of Jessica’s tip #4 on getting the right clients!

If you want to hear more, just register for the 10.10.10 SalesSummit. We’ll play one speaker a day for the next 10 business days, starting TODAY with Jessica Claire. Or, if you prefer to hear all 10 speakers at once, you can tune in on this Sunday, October 17th from 10 am to 10 pm to hear all 10 speakers. Just register to get access to the speaker audios.


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