Small Business Challenge: Do you live to work or work to live?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Many small business owners are deemed to be workaholics by most peoples’ standards. Putting in long hours is often what it takes to create and build a profitable small business. So many times, the lines between work life and home life are blurred and it creates challenges for many small businesses. I know many of you put your kids to bed and then go back to work to catch up. And many of you work from home, thus blurring those lines even more. Maybe this year, instead of focusing on making more money as your sole goal, let’s all shoot for making more life (and let’s bank on the fact that the skills we have and commitment to finding the answers through education will bring the profit as well). Here are 3 things you can do to help you make more life in 2011.


1.  Be present. With all of the technology and multi-tasking that exists, as a society, we are throwing ourselves into a self-induced A.D.D. Make a point that when you are with your team at work, don’t be doing 3 things at once. When you are helping your kids with their homework, put the cell phone, laptop, ipad and all other electronic devices away. Spending quality time is as important as spending more time but being distracted.

2. Schedule time. If you don’t schedule time to get it all done, it won’t get done. Consider leaving your schedule open on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons so you can prep both for the week of work and the weekend of play.

3. Keep something fun on the calendar. I am a Lou Holtz fan and one of the things he always says is that to be happy, you must always have something to look forward to. Plan a vacation, schedule a little weekend getaway or host a huge party so you have something to look forward to. This will help you remember why you work and help you let go of your work to enjoy the people you love.

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