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I received an email from a friend, Ann Monteith, today. If you want to follow a smart thinker and savvy marketer, you can read her blog here:

In her email, she was answering the grammatical question of what is the correct grammar these days? Is it E-mail or email or e-mail? Website, Web site or website? Her conclusion and recommendation is to pick one and most importantly, be consistent.

I also recommend to add these terms to your “graphic standards” sheet. A graphic standards sheet should list out your PMS colors, your fonts, how your logo, address and contact information should appear and also, how you choose to list words like e-mail and website. Any design decisions that effect your brand should be listed on your graphic standards sheet.

If you don’t have a graphic standards sheet, find 30 minutes in the next week and carve out time to create a graphic standards sheet for your business. If you use a professional graphic designer (which I highly recommend doing), have her make it for you. Then pin it up on your bullet board and make sure that you look at it before ANY printed pieces go out the door or live on a website (or a Web Site or a Website).

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