Get Photography Clients: 4 Easy-to-Create Marketing Videos


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Photography Business Institute

Video gets a bad rap.I get it. I used to hate it, too. So using it to get photography clients was the LAST thing on my mind.

Mostly, I think, because I was scared of it. I didn’t know how to edit video footage so I just opted out of dealing with it when considering ways to get photography clients.

But as it turns out, video doesn’t require endless hours of time and effort like most people think. And it doesn’t have to blow your whole marketing budget either.

The truth is if you’re hoping to get photography clients who will invest in art for their home versus a jump drive of digital files, video is a great tool to use Here’s my roundup of four types of marketing videos perfect for building your photography business.

Short and Sharable Marketing Videos

How It Works:

In-person ordering appointments are exciting, but the waiting period afterward until the printed artwork arrives can feel like an eternity to clients who are excited to share their images.

One way to keep the buzz going? Create a 30-second video of client images set to music with text overlay of everything from song lyrics to inspirational quotes.

Next, email clients a link and/or MP4 file, which can easily be shared via social media, text, email, etc.

Then, post on your own social media and tag clients so all their friends will see it.

The last step? Embed it into a post on your blog featuring the client’s session. Voila! Instant exposure that goes a long way on your journey to get photography clients.

Total time to create? 15 minutes.

Beautiful Birth and Graduation Announcements

How It Works:

Two months prior to high school graduation, create video slideshow announcements for senior portrait clients who are graduating this year. Email these videos to clients and follow up with a quick phone call to confirm receipt.

This is also a great time to check in to see if they need printed graduation reminders. An added benefit? A boost in visibility with incoming seniors.

The same basic concept applies to birth announcements. While getting printed announcements out the door can take busy new moms months to coordinate, digital announcements immediately get the happy word out.

Total time to create? 10 minutes.

Exciting New Product Lines and Niche Announcement Videos

How It Works:

Perhaps you’re offering pet sessions or transitioning your established wedding business into portraits? Or maybe you’re doing more commercial shoots or head shot sessions?

There’s no better way to share the news than with brief promotional videos featuring client images. Add in your music of your choice, post to your blog and social media channels and you’re good to go.

Total time to create?  20 minutes.

Upcoming Mini-Sessions Promotional Videos

How It Works:

Mini-sessions are popular for portrait photographers, but this also means the competition is FIERCE. Video is a terrific way to distinguish your mini-session event from the rest.

Create a short video slideshow pitching a concept to your charity and retail partners.

Include your mini-session theme and dates, as well as samples of past mini-session photography. The video doesn’t have to be long, but it will set you apart from the hundreds of other photographers approaching these charity and retail partners.

Make sure your current clients are in the loop by posting the videos to your blog, website and social media. Finally, encourage your retail and charity marketing partners to do the same. It’s a win-win!

Get Photography Clients: 4 Easy-to-Create Marketing Videos

Mini-sessions are popular in the photography business. Video is a terrific way to distinguish your Mini-sessions from the rest.

Total time to create? 20 minutes.

Get More Photography Clients: Making The Case for Video

Still not convinced about the power of video? There’s a reason why Marketing Insider Group declared 2016 to be “the year of video.”

Online video accounted for 64 percent of all consumer internet traffic last year. Not only that, but this number is expected to skyrocket to 79 percent to 2018. With a whopping 78 percent of people watching videos online weekly, it’s something I’ve had to incorporate into my marketing toolkit to keep my clients thinking about me.

Get Photography Clients: 4 Easy-to-Create Marketing Videos

Video marketing is a fun and entertaining form of direct marketing, that will help you get more photography clients.

So here’s my favorite shortcut resource for creating marketing videos.

I use Animoto, which not only makes making slideshares a snap, but also does the hard stuff for me. Animoto generates links, embeds codes and creates MP4 files — all of which are perfect for sharing. The best part of Animoto? It’s incredibly easy. If you can click “Control C” and “Ctrl V,” you can use Animoto. Use JOY2016 this month to receive 20 percent off  Animoto Pro.

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