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It’s not every day that I see a small business owner go above and beyond to thrill their current clients with a simple service reminder. But yesterday, one of the businesses I use did just that and what she did can help each of you!

About a year ago I (Erin) moved about 2 hours south of Dallas. I’ve been slow to switch many of my service providers because I do still spend quite a bit of time in Dallas and to be honest. It can be a pain to make new relationships, seek out new businesses who understand your needs, etc.

My veterinarian is one of those service providers in Dallas that I’ve held on to despite now living 2 hours away from her office. She specializes in cats so I don’t have to worry about my cat, Britches, freaking out at the sight of dogs when I walk in the door. In fact, Britches doesn’t even have to be in a cage. He can roam freely throughout the office if he wants.

Is my vet the cheapest? No way! In fact she’s quite the opposite. However, she was convenient to my previous home and does many of the special little things that keep me coming back.

Yesterday I received a postcard in the mail reminding me it was time to bring Britches in for his annual check up. I’d like to see her do something more remarkable than a postcard to get my attention, but in this case knowing that I’ve been a client for the last 4 years, she may have felt a postcard would suffice in getting my attention. Here’s where the postcard worked it’s magic, however, and moved beyond a simple, canned reminder. Dr. Hartland and her staff had taken note in their database that my cat is an indoor only cat AND that he hates going to the doctor — not to mention even leaving the house.

The copy on the postcard spoke to that – “Britches, it’s Dr. Hartland. It’s time to rub your parents legs and let them know it’s time for your annual exam. Now I know you don’t like to get shots or leave the house. But you know I’ll be very gentle with you and you’ll be back home in no time!”

Will it be a pain for me to load up Britches and drive him, meowing and hissing 2 hours to Dr. Hartland? Yes! But will I happily do it and pay more to do it? Yes!

Why? Because Dr. Hartland has showed me over and over again that she knows my cat. And while most vets probably wouldn’t love seeing him when he walks in the door (he’s hardly the ideal patient), she welcomes him with open arms.

She took a simple reminder postcard (which admittedly I do not always take him in for his annual check up) to the next level by pointing out that she knows my cat’s quirks and loves him despite those. She solidified my relationship with her as my cat’s veterinarian.

Can your clients say the same thing about you?

How are you practicing this in your business?

What information are you capturing about your clients?

Always make personal notes about your clients, this will be so helpful when you want to implement new marketing ideas. How can you reach out to them in a creative way to remind them that you care about them and it’s time for them to engage with your business again? This isn’t posting on their facebook wall that they should come in for a session now if they want to get holiday cards.  It’s a personal, heart felt message that makes them see you care that they are your client.

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