Marketing Help: Are You Setting The Right Expectations When Marketing Your Small Business?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

When people are walking into your small business, what expectations do they have?

Have they seen a sign out front, seen an ad in the newspaper or picked up a promotional piece somewhere around town?

Every touch point your current and potential customers have with your business is helping to create expectations for the type of service they will receive and the type of products you sell. Your attention to detail outside your business reflects your attention to detail inside your business.

What type of expectations would you have for shopping at this thrift shop? Maybe you would think that their products are very inexpensive because they aren’t making enough money to have their sign repainted, it’s clear this store needs marketing help. If the sign was freshly painted, the lawn was plush and groomed and you could see giant buckets spilling out fresh flowers, might you think that their clothing might be a little nicer and a little cleaner?

If this were the case, wouldn’t you be willing to pay a little more for them?

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