Small Business Blog: Pushing Through The Pain


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

My high school cross country coach used to tell me it’s the days you feel the worst and push through that make the most difference in taking you to the next level. The days that it feels easy and like you can conquer the world are your reward for pushing through the pain when it hurts.

I think it’s similar as a small business owner when we face challenges.

Everyday isn’t going to be rosy.

It’s not all going to be easy.

There will be times you dislike it.

There will be periods when you question why.

But how you choose to conduct yourself when it’s tough are what advance your small business.

I think we need to be reminded of that on the days when everything seems to be going wrong.

These tough times make the great ones all the more rewarding.

Be true to your brand and be true to yourself, even in the roughest days, and you’ll reap the reward of growth.

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