Put YOU in Your Brand When Building a Small Business Brand


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Photography Business Institute


After reading Erin’s blog post a few days ago, it occurred to me that not only do we need to forget about every little thing our competitors are doing, we need to put more of US in our brands if we’re focused on building a small business brand.

When you are building your brand on something authentic, it should be based on YOU. You are the one who has the passion to make the decisions about what your brand looks like. You are the one who decides which products you will offer.

When I go through a trade show, I have to put on what I like to call my “joy goggles” to determine if the products I am looking at would be thrilling to my clients. I want to make sure that everything I offer to my clients excites them as much as me. Sometimes I see a cool product but I don’t offer it because it isn’t consistent with my message, my brand and my style.

Sometimes the hard part of what we do is knowing what to say no to. You also must decide how to market your business. Just because your competition has a billboard, buys radio spots or splatters ugly post cards around the market, doesn’t mean you should feel compelled to do the same. If you are being true and authentic, you have to find the vehicle of communication that works best for you.

I am personally a firm believer in professionally designed and well-printed promotional pieces because your passion and style can be visually communicated. I want my clients to feel the tactile paper, see the reflection of the spot varnish and engage with my brand in a way that is true to who I am.

Take a minute right now and look at your brand. Are you being truly authentic to who you are?



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