Client Experience: The Grizwalds Do Trump Towers


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute
We recently took a family trip up to Chicago and since I waited until the last minute to get hotel reservations, we were left without our regular spots to stay. So, my husband recommended the Trump Hotel and who was I to disagree! Hopefully you have seen the movie, Family Vacation, with Chevy Chase – we are SO the Grizwalds.

As marketers, we are always looking at how we can improve our processes. There are many hotels in Chicago right? So why should we pay more for a fancy hotel? Well, here is the story about how Sparky, the kids and I are now going to be loyal Trumpeteers.

First, we were greeted before we even got out of our vehicle by several men wearing white gloves (imagine their horror when they open the suburban doors only to have a few blankets, dolls, happy meal wrappers, zany bands etc. fall out onto their clean cement).

To check in we were asked our newspaper choice and instead of an unwanted newspaper thrown by our door, our Wall Street-Journal came in a cute recyclable bag on our door the next morning. The woman behind the desk with a delightful accent asked which one of my kids was Gracie. With giant eyes, my dirty-faced, toothless daughter raised her hand and was handed a darling Trump Kids ball cap. The same for the other two kids (they were forever sold). We then all were given a warm eucalyptus washcloth to wipe our hands (I am sure in the back the staff was trying to figure out a nice way to give us large towels to wipe down with).

Then we made our way up to our room. My kids immediately divided and conquered shouting out all of the cool things – “a tv in the bathroom that has our name on it,” “fluffy robes,” “softest, snuggliest blankets ever…” I instructed them that nobody was allowed to open the $25 bottle of water – after all, it was limited edition and we didn’t want the spring to run out! After our return from dinner, we noticed that our beds had been pulled back and slippers left by the bed. There was also a note from The Donald himself thanking us for coming and hoping we had a pleasant stay. It made us feel that he was involved in all of the decisions that were making our stay so wonderful. How can you argue with an experience that makes us want to take our next vacation at the Trump Hotel!

In your business, I challenge you to look at what you are doing that really makes your clients feel better than they expected! Do you even own white gloves? What kind of client experience are you creating? We were looking for a place to sleep and we ended up getting an experience that made our family vacation something worth talking about for weeks. See how you can do that in your business and you will create a loyal following like no other.



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