Are you a photographer or a salesman?


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

If I asked you if you are a salesperson, you are more likely to say, “no, I’m a photographer or a chef or a graphic designer.” Many who own small businesses define themselves by their skill or talent, not the skills it takes to run a profitable business. When you are trying to succeed in business, you MUST have sales skills. Dun and Bradstreet did a study to find out why businesses fail. The #1 reason businesses went bankrupt was because of LOW sales. Businesses that thrive do so because of their HIGH sales. I know that by focusing on sales skills, you can fall into the profitable category.

At The Photography Business Institute, we understand the importance of strong sales skills, so we have created a FREE event for photographers that focuses 100% on SALES! Learn everything from buildilng rapport to making a great sale to what happens after the sale to reinforce the buying decision and encourage referrals. Over the next few weeks we will be exposing you to industry leaders, favorite bloggers and stirring up conversations about fear and the “s” word.

Introducing, TEN reasons you should take advantage of this free education: KIa Bondurant, Joy Bianchi-Brown & Jules Bianchi, Jessica Claire, Scott & Adina Hayne, Kevin Kubota, Ron Nichols, Sarah Petty, Sandy Puc, Tim & Bev Walden, Julia Woods.

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