Q&A with Laura Novak, one of our Joy to the World Websummit speakers


Photography Business Institute
Photography Business Institute

Laura Novak is another of our accomplished speakers / photographers extraordinare in our Joy to the World Websummit on December 28. The inspired vision behind Laura Novak’s artistic photography is to help families and couples grow relationships with one another. During our short interview for the Joy to the World Websummit, it is very easy to see that Laura Novak is simply living her dream!

Q: If you were not a photographer what would you be doing for a living?
A:  I really love to be challenged, so I think
anything that makes me push myself creatively and think a lot about what I’m doing.  I also love retail – merchandising, product development and packaging design is something I am slightly obsessed with right now.
It’s way too much fun.

Q: What is your favorite location for shooting?
A: I love photographing at my clients’ home, it’s always something different and interesting.  I also enjoy learning about who they are and incorporating it into the photography.

Q: Who is one of the most memorable person or subject you have photographed?
A: I always find it interesting when I photograph people who are really well established in their fields, whether it’s in the NFL, or well known business people, CEOs or celebrities. There is always something very fascinating about those who have worked hard to earn the top spots in their fields.  But I would say the most memorable work I have done is a wall of Hope I created for the local hospital NICU which was amazingly rewarding and gave me the opportunity to serve those who would probably not otherwise have the means to purchase custom photography for their home.

 Q: What piece of advice have you heard once and never forgot…something that you truly believe in and live by?
A: “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher,” Oprah Winfrey.  As I have grown my business I have had to make tough decisions about keeping only the most positive influences around our team and eliminating negativity.

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