5 Essential Steps that Shape Your Photography Marketing Plan

Steps that Shape Your Photography Marketing Plan


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Photography Business Institute

Think back to when you first started your photography business, even if it was just last month. What was it that got you excited to give it a try?

Was it the ability to spend more time with your family? You know, that power to be able to say, “Hey, I’m going to spend Spring Break traveling with my kids each year.”

Or was it freedom from a full-time job you weren’t as passionate about?

Whatever it was that convinced you to make the leap, it trumped all of those reservations that scared you. (Those things like not having a guaranteed salary each year and paid health insurance.)

But there’s a second step that has to happen after that initial commitment. It’s making a plan. A photography marketing plan, specifically.

Your marketing plan is what helps you take care of things like health insurance and an annual salary and makes it so that you don’t always have to wonder how you’ll pay the bills.

But knowing where to start with a marketing plan is tough. I realize that—and as someone who’s learned how to build a marketing plan that builds an extremely successful photography business, I want to teach you how to do it, too.

I’m teaching a five part video course with resources from the Autofocus Client Attraction System. Each video is only 5-15 minutes long—since I know you’re busy—and will show you how to build a marketing plan step by step using my ‘SPIKE’ strategy.

The SPIKE Strategy: Building Your Marketing Plan

So what will you learn from the videos? Well, we’ll go over each of the 5 steps in the SPIKE strategy.

5 Essential Steps that Shape Your Photography Marketing Plan



S- Set objectives based on needs

In this video, we’ll find out what your goals are based on some easy math equations so we know exactly what you need to accomplish in the coming year.

One of the scariest things about being a small business owner is not knowing what you will make month after month. In order to settle those worries, there are three questions that define your marketing objectives In this video, we will clearly define these questions and find your answers in order to be sure that you are getting what you need.

P- Plan

This is the stage in which you spell out how exactly you’re going to reach your objectives. We’ll get very specific about what activities you need and will create a road map for your business and marketing activities.

This video will lay out a timeline and 3 types of marketing activities that are easy to implement in order to grow your business and define your target audience.

I-Identify and set budget

This step helps give your marketing plan some tangible boundaries and identifies which marketing activities are going to be most profitable.

You will be able to identify exactly how much money you have to invest on marketing and what works for the next year. I will lay out a budgeting plan so that you don’t nickel and dime your money away.

K- Knuckle down on the details

No detail goes unnoticed in this strategy—that’s how you get off track! We’ll outline some of the areas to double-check to make sure your plan is airtight.

One of my favorite activities is auctions. It is one of the best ways to not only give back, but to market your business and grow your client base. This step gives you an exclusive look on the details that I use when working auctions into your marketing plan.

E-Execute and evaluate

The last step is all about taking action and then tracking the results. These hard numbers from your marketing efforts are going to be your guiding light moving forward, so you need to know where to find them.

This information is powerful. And when you know how to properly evaluate your efforts, you can glean all of the facts and numbers that show you where to head next.

You NEED a marketing plan. You deserve to be able to turn your photography business into the dream job you imagined when you started. And guess what? The secret to that level of success is only a few steps away.

No more putting it off.  Start learning and start building your photography business up so that it’s stronger than ever. These videos are waiting for you. Get in now!

5 Essential Steps that Shape Your Photography Marketing Plan

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