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One skill that can help you achieve success in your business more than any other is learning to sell. Because it is so important, we are often talking about sales here on our small business blog.  The more you can study sales and become better at sales, the more success you will find. Many small business owners, especially creative ones, fear selling. It is hard for many to tell others what they feel they are worth. We all have a fear of rejection. What if someone says they don’t like what I am selling? One of my favorite ways to overcome objections is by using the feel, felt, found method. Here ya go.

Step 1: Show empathy and acknowledge that you are hearing your client’s issue. “I understand how you feel.”

Step 2: Let them know they aren’t alone in this concern. “Others have felt the same way.”

Step 3: Explain how the other person had the outcome they wanted by doing what you are recommending. “What they found was…”

So for example, if a client says, “whooooaaa, you are too expensive!” You don’t need to panic. Simply say, “I understand how you feel and others have expressed this concern in the past. But then, they decided it was important enough to invest in heirloom artwork of their children to have forever. What they found, years later, is the artwork that we created to hang on their walls is what they value most in their home.”

If you can write out a feel, felt, found statement for every objection you receive, you will be prepared to sell better tomorrow!

If you are looking to grow your sales skills, here are a few of my favorite resources:

Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

The Ultimate Sales Machine

The Psychology of Selling

Sellling 1 Joycast (for photographers)

Selling 2 Joycast (for photographers)

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