A Marketing Idea for Photographers with Big Hearts

Marketing Idea for Photographers with Big Hearts


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Photography Business Institute

We all have causes and organizations that are near and dear to our hearts.

And because those organizations are usually non-profits, there’s a constant need for help with fundraisers.

As a photography business owner, there’s a way for you to help them out and get new clients in the door…it’s a win-win, really.

That way is by donating your photography services as a silent auction item

Whether it’s for one of your kids’ school fundraisers or your favorite food pantry—these organizations always need product and service donations to help raise money at their silent auctions.

While it sounds simple, there’s actually a science to making a silent auction a successful marketing tool for your photography business (that guarantees new clients.)

Here’s a marketing idea for photographers that lets you give back while you grow.

One part in the overall process is to build a dynamic display.

Three Steps to Create a Dynamic Silent Auction Display

Anyone can print up a gift certificate on their home printer and put out a few framed examples of their work.

But that’s not going to impress many people.

Instead, follow these steps to create a silent auction display that not only presents your brand in a professional manner, but also showcases your work and gets people talking about your services.

Step 1: Have prints from past sessions on display that make bidders pause. These might be:

  • Portraits printed on canvas
  • Metal mural display pieces featuring several of your best photos
  • Printed marketing pieces (like the ones seen in templates here)

A Marketing Idea for Photographers with Big Hearts

Why? Because you want your best work on display. This gets people excited to place a bid on your item (Plus: you only have to pay for these materials once—and you can do this for less than $100.) Then you can reuse them with your display over and over again!

Step 2: Include a price menu.

A Marketing Idea for Photographers with Big Hearts

  • Make a custom menu (I use a 5×5 folded card printed by WHCC) that is more than a simple piece of paper
  • Keep it attached to your display with a piece of string or ribbon (so your prices aren’t out there floating around when you might need to change them)

Why? This is another opportunity for you to make a statement with your presentation. Going above and beyond with a custom price menu shows you’re in tune with every last detail.

Step 3: Create a system.

  • Outline when and where your silent auction display should be picked up for the event
  • Collect all important information from your winning bidder
  • Have a checklist that ensures all pieces of your display are returned

Why? You want this marketing activity to run seamlessly—not turn into a headache. A few small steps make a big difference. And when you can enter your winning bidder’s information into your client system as a qualified buyer, you can begin building a lifelong relationship with that person through continued communication.

Next in the Process

Creating a dynamic silent auction display is just one idea on attracting high-end clients. I’ve got many more tips for you in my 90 minute webinar training,

A Marketing Idea for Photographers with Big Hearts


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