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Today is Monday. Are you going to spend your week being “busy,” or are you going to start something. Here is what I say. Jump. Run. Sprint. Connect. Kick. Leave. Takeoff. Embark. Just START! To be successful in small business, you must jump. You must take leaps. You must make something new. You must push yourself to create things that will thrill your clients and prospects. If you haven’t checked out Godin’s new book, Poke the Box, you might want to start your week by ordering it (in fact, here the Kindle Edition if you want to start sooner). And, here is a free workbook to get you started. In his book, Godin gives example after example about how to Poke the Box. Look at computer programmers. They poke the box every day because they program something and then wait to see what happens. What are you doing to make things happen?

Here are 3 things you can do to help Poke the Box TODAY:

1. Put away your to do list. If you are drowning in a mile long list of things you need to do today (and for the rest of your life), set it aside. Instead, give yourself a half a day or even an hour completely in the quiet, to think about what you can start today. For me, Mondays are my “Poke the Box” day. This is the day each week that I save for myself to create new things and I protect these days selfishly.

2. Turn off your electronics. If you spend your day being interrupted by email pings, text beeps and cell phone rings, you will be living a reactive life. If you can’t switch to being proactive instead of reactive, you will not be able to poke anything except the “reply to” button. We have all heard this before, but if you want to start new things and create something you have never done before, you can’t do it while you are having a conversation with others.

3. Do something RIGHT NOW. A few years back, my hard-working neighbor walked out into his yard where his 3 boys were hanging out. He said, “Boys, let’s go do something, even if it’s wrong.” You know you have something you want to start. Pick up the phone and make a phone call to get the ball rolling. Write a proposal. Call your banker. Whether it is launching a new product, creating a charitable event or starting something huge in your business, do it RIGHT NOW.

Check out a few box pokers:

To read how he poked the box, check out a recent video post by Gary Vaynerchuk on the Domino Project Blog. I have been fortunate enough to interview Gary Vee and Seth Godin for PPA Magazine. I would love to hear what you are doing TODAY to poke the box!!!

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